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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

29 November, 2005

(Poem) Standard Issue Insults

(Previously posted this day this year at the Caferati Message Board):

Dedicated to the sticks-in-the-mud at high altitudes in extreme climates in educationally charged cityscapes:

standard issue insults
dont seem to do justice
to the current situation.

hmm, perhaps we should
muddy the waters a bit more;
stir the vitriol in a bit more.

excite the natives;
raise them up to dizzying heights,
and neatly dismantle their supports.

it's so much fun to prance around,
whilst jeering buffoons bow their heads
in derision at your idiocy

bury your heads deeper;
as the grains of sand penetrate
the crevasses of your brain

stand up to the mockery
you have reduced yourselves to;
dont shield your ballooning ego.

so charted a course, have you?
walking on water with your heads in the shadow,
sinking deeper and deeper into the deep blue sea

goodbye and good riddance,
i shan't miss you at all.
that part of my life is dead.