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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

29 May, 2006

Cherri, my love!

I think about Cherri many times, those mad times we had and I genuinely believe that I had experienced something akin to real love, for the affection between us was bereft of any real motive except companionship and joy in each other’s company. Some days went like this, just after I had been accepted for astronaut training in theory…

“But, hey listen, I have no desire to settle in Siberia or the moon for that matter, I want to come back here and help you make babies, and have lot’s of fun about it, so don’t give up on me. However, that depends on your bosses.” I trailed off, watching Cherri.

Cherri got up as if in a trance and hugged me, splaying my collar with all the tears that had stuck to her beautiful cheeks and stuck on to me for god knows how long, all the while crying softly and speaking simultaneously. “But I’m so happy for you, and your dreams. This calls for wild celebration.” We made passionate love, gulped Strawberry ice cream afterwards, and licked off the fallen bits from each other’s bodies. It was quite late by then, but Cherri said,“Let’s go for a long drive, down the Lakeshore Drive, with the glasses down and feel the spray of the moisture on our faces. It’s been long since we did that, earlier we used to do it so often, didn’t we.”I was on the point of protesting, citing the late hours, but seeing Cherri’s enthusiasm, could not summon the courage to speak up.

We got into my battered Ford and really had a wild ride along the magnificent mile. Cherri and I were shouting at the top of our voices as we sped along and indeed were the recipients of some baleful glances, not that we cared and even otherwise it was too dark and we were going too fast. We gulped some wine, kept in the dashboard of the car, and poured the leftovers over each other, with the promise that we would lick it off and have a bath together once we returned to the Dorm.

However when we returned, it was very late and we were both were dead tired. After saying sleepy byes, we went our separate ways, as cohabiting in the night in the same dorm was still discouraged. I went off to sleep; dreaming was of how Cherri and I were raising babies in a distant Space colony.

The morning arrived, attired in sheen of rain and snow, and it was beautiful. I realized I was running late, got ready in a hurry, gathered the essential papers including that all-important communication from department, and hurried down to the Rector’s office. I walked all the way, as it was refreshing, with cold flakes whipping my face and my feet making that crackling noise even as they negotiated the now hardening snow that had fallen overnight.

I managed to reach the Administrative Quarters in time and sent in a slip with a request to meet the Rector. The rector came out to meet me personally, in about ten minutes. “Sorry to have kept you waiting, young man and congrats on your excellent results. Now, tell me, my fellow, what can I do for you?’ The rector was all attention and seemed willing to listen.

Mr. Strange, the rector, went through the letter, reread it and after a poignant pause, commented, “Well, I don’t see any problem in this, my boy; after all it’s a matter of great pride for you and your great country too.” “We’ll simply put you up for the accelerated program; we have for people who are already working in the industry, provided you can cope. And hope to see your mug amongst the stars soon.’ “Thank you, sir,” I was all smiles, even as I continued,“You don’t know how big a load you’ve taken off my mind, now I’ll give my best shot at completing the balance semester period and the next, and thank you once again,”“No problems, come see me if ya got any other problems, see ya.” saying that, the rector took his leave and I hurried out of his office.

I immediately called up Cherri on her Mobile, told her the good news and was rewarded with a whoop of joy,“You’re a genius, ya know, ya manipulative little demon, well, this calls for more celebration tonight, so buckle your loins, ya tiger. See ya soon…” She trailed off.

I slept after that, after returning to my room, since I was still feeling tired after the hectic events of the day and the confabulations of the previous night. The sharp American ‘briinlg’ of the telephone woke me up, with Cherri on the other end of the line, inquiring.“Hey, sleepy head rise and shine, its almost late night and the stars are bright and clear, what say, hey, are you up to it, some beer, and music?"

“Let’s keep it for the weekend, that’s quite near, ya got to make all the arrangements! I’m really pooped today, want to get my energy levels on par. I think I’ll go in for an early night, still feeling sleepy.”

So you see, there was innocent love and joy that we shared and nothing else and still do shed some solid tears whenever I care to think about those days…