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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

08 June, 2006

"Bootless poesy"       [ghazal]

A thundrous argument for my deficiency   if you seek --
for my verbal drizzle of insufficiency   if you seek?

who need search further than the current lucid example?
it will dredge me out most puissantly   if you seek

is the perfectibility of utterance or the crown of thinking
some backwoods death that will swarm in kissantly   if you seek?

I keep on hurling myself against this indifferent brickwork!
it might converse with you very differently   if you seek

when I verbalize   silence serves as a mute indictment!
it might reverberate all omnisciently   if you seek

Ardeo presumed he could run to market with his feckless skills
you discover Himalayas of bootless poesy   if you seek