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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

21 August, 2006


water drips from your hair
my eyes measure
six, maybe seven inches
to your pink tee shirt.

the kohl underneath
your brown eyes,
is smudging your cheeks.
i stop myself from saying,
"no, don't dab it away..."

you run a quick hand
through your hair,
what would you say
if you would find me
entangled there?

fascinated by an errant drop
sliding down your throat
into the vee of the tee,
i've missed the reasons
why you like malabar monsoon.

"drink your coffee, baba!"
you say, laughter gurgling
out of your lips and on
to the table between us.
i am persuaded.

but i see you shiver
ever so slightly as the coffee
spreads its warmth.
i pretend the sugar sachet is
more than mildly interesting.

i sigh inside,
might as well drink
the damned coffee
than let my imagination
be drenched with you.

besides, the cafe is crowded,
my throat is dry,
my feet are cold,
and although you're so close,
you only wish to talk.

wholly inspired by jugal mody's tale (again!) of an uncaring lass!



Blogger suniti said...

Sexy :) Loved it! I am glad you posted it on this blog.

25 August, 2006 21:54  
Blogger Mobius said...

comment on oleander faye.

the character seemed made to order.

for e.g., faye means fairy. or that oleander sounds like a cousin to lavender.

the desire of dominance by oleander from carlos the hunk.

and that desire being confused as love.

now the compliments:

the ending had a pathos that brought this urban story to a point of reflection.

symbology: water falling onto ancient earth right outside a bath tub is a nice device to drive some sense of time into an otherwise here and now picture.

10 October, 2006 14:01  

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