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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

18 August, 2006

Eye Contact (or Our Casual Lives)

What is with this
eyes-meeting thing?
Just another group of suits
walking briskly past each other
in the dry-aired
tunnels of an office
and our eyes meet
for barely a moment
and glance away while
continuing our conversations
with suddenly faceless colleagues
while holding our folders smartly
your laptop pulling your shoulders
down to level your eyes with mine.
By the time I reach my cabin
I’m ready to have an affair
with you
with your eyes.

15 floors, 2000 employees,
grey and black and blue suits
and I only saw your eyes.
I’ll never find you.
So I had this casual fling
with the guy in marketing.
It’s a fun thing
But he has such regular eyes.



Anonymous Gina said...

Which would you prefer? Being in a cool suit, carrying a cool laptop, going off to work in a cool car and exist in an impersonal world; or get dressed in khakis, drive off in a five-year old model and get to live in a world of warmth and laughter?

19 August, 2006 12:58  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

an affair of the eyes? must happen more times than we know.

cool post.

19 August, 2006 19:26  
Blogger Dhruv said...

Floydd says it best:

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me.
And do I take you by the hand
And lead you through the land
And help me understand
The best I can.

20 August, 2006 02:28  

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