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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

31 July, 2006

Children of Qana

The world collapsed
around their dreams
with a whimper
in the sudden rain of fire
from the sky.

Reflected in their empty eyes,
the Silence of the world-
spineless, unconscionable.

Exploded eyeballs, splattered blood
scorched skin, limbless bodies,
strewn around like confetti.

So many lives, so many little lives
snuffed out
in an instant of insanity.

Who are the culprits?
Of this continual horror
Blood stained fingers
quickly rise to point to
everyone, no one.



Blogger ArindamSen said...

May I join Caferati !
I would just like to know whether you're a poet or a feminist !
Or is it that you have both within !
anyways, I truely liked the way you express your mind...if possible let me join the caferati community !
take care,
Arindam Sen

02 August, 2006 16:56  

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