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16 July, 2006

A Monsoon Sonnet

Hurrah! The rains are here!
The dream that every tree has seen
To dress in everlasting green;
The hope of every sown seed,
Of every herb and grass and weed,
Of parched street and thirsting town,
Of starving ryot and taxing crown:
Is sated now, there is no fear.

The drops of life fall sweet and clear!
His time has come, he's waited long:
The frog croaks forth his eager song!
With joy does every little child,
Frolic in mud, get wet, run wild!
Hurrah! The rains are here!



Blogger Gaurav Mishra said...

Here's my slightly twisted take on rain:

Walking on the wet earth
Later that night
I heard it sigh under my feet;
Sigh like a woman in heat,
Partially sated,
Thirsty for more.

17 July, 2006 06:14  

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