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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

09 July, 2006

To my muse

[ I ]

If we met
The seas could churn
and earth might burn,
snowcaps melt,
rainbows explode.

Then words might dance
vowels thunder,
consonants blaze
a trail of surrender.

Or perhaps

waves would glide
in mellow light,
and gentle rain
soften the night?

if we but met…

[ II ]

Call me blood-thirsty leech
if you must.

I can see
what might ensue
but I need to burrow
deep, into
your warm presence,
feed off your brains
drink in your thoughts..

Dry tinder
burns fast.

When we meet
I might catch fire,
but I must die
for only then
my poem flowers.

© Alaka Yeravadekar



Anonymous Anil said...

Brillian and beautiful seem inadequate for this...but they are all I can offer now. Your words struck a chord...

10 July, 2006 19:33  
Blogger Gaurav Mishra said...

Makes me think of a poem I wrote a long time back:

Heartache, and not your heart, then,
Is what I needed to write poetry.
And while you loved me and I liked you,
You did not, could not, hurt me.

Are all poets masochistic, or only all love poems are?

13 July, 2006 02:20  
Blogger Adam_Lanman said...

powerful and simple. nice.

14 July, 2006 23:57  
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