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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

30 June, 2006

Garden of memories....

The wilted petals drop slowly to earth
From the flowers of my fading memories
Swept away by the warm summer breeze
And shed from my transmuting life garden

New life has sprung from the green patches
Sprouted from mulches I made of buried past
I see that bloom was that of mixed hues
Few colorful flowers and some dull weeds

I collect the broken twigs of what has been life
To make a bonfire and watch in flickering flames
Those parts of life I broke hardest from myself
The sagas from my broken heart and faded love

Life has been a huge garden of mixed dreams
Those passing seasons changing many a frame
Frozen winters leading to shining summers
The spring breathing new life into the barren

As I live on through the varied seasons of life
I drop regrets by the fall and await a new bloom
And through those moments of short lived joys
I cherish the bloom that I know will wilt soon….