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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

23 June, 2006

set piece

i hadn’t thought of him for a while,
not a poem in his name,
something else had captivated me,
he thought it was just a game.

so he sat down beside me,
with a beguiling smile so casual,
“care for new tune this time,
or perhaps your usual?”

no tune of pure seduction,
no promise of eternal bliss,
not even your peacock crown,
shall keep me away from this.

he held my hand now,
and whispered in my ear,
"be my love, my only love,
come be with me, i’m here."

my heart did skip a beat i admit,
"go seduce a cowgirl or two,"
i did manage to say, "but now,
wait for me as i did for you."

he laughed, "and those poems
you pen, of love and agony?
come now, or never again,
it'll be just you and only me."

i stole a kiss, before i sighed,
so such was to be my fate!
i’ll write more love poems i promise,
but not now love, can’t you wait?

his glance at me was quizzical,
i had unwrapped his arms from mine,
"no song, no words, no touch
affects you, what could make you mine?"

you’re my love, i assure you,
but i love the offer you’re making,
teamgeist is my fever now,
a german-argentine final i’m seeking.



Blogger Prat said...

Lovely piece. Most of it (till the delightful ending) reminds me of a sonnet by The Bard called 'Sonnets to sundry notes of music', esp. a part that begins 'Live with me and be my love..'

23 June, 2006 11:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He knows that you have identified His grace and in reciprocation He has identified your self-reliance. Now, He will eagerly wait to read and enjoy the poems to be penned by you.

27 June, 2006 10:18  
Blogger Blue Athena said...

Liked this a lot, Manisha! :)

03 July, 2006 09:31  
Blogger Arundhati said...

I read ur work after a long time. And as usual glad that came to caferati today and got to read you. Your words, somehow, never fail.

03 July, 2006 14:41  

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