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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

23 September, 2006

Let's just omit the title

Let’s wait for things to happen
Let’s be lethargic
but not let the spirits dampen
Let energies lie low
Let’s just linger and laze along
Look the sun in the eyes and sing a gloomy song

Let's not retort
Let's give some space; let us not throng
Let's laugh at inanities
Let's be unsofisticated and not worry
about the spellings gone wrong

Let’s wave and wish strangers
and smile more often
Let’s not send lifeless emails
Let’s be back to that pen and paper

Let’s walk under the tress
and notice the green canopies
Crush the yellowed leaves and see the music
Let’s down endless coffee
And think of days gone by
Let’s call up lost friends
if only to say ‘Hi’

Stand in a daze
Get lost in the maze
Let the world swivel by
Let time fly
Feel numb around your head
Let no thought invade
Look through your desires
Just say it’s all fate

Be confused for a change
Dispel the surety away
Let’s not think even
Five minutes ahead of us
Let’s be lazily agile
To evade all the fuss

Lets write what we feel about
And when we feel like it
Let’s go act in a theatre
Let out the poet inside us
Yes, the one without the meter.