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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

25 January, 2007


please blink.
you look too directly
into my head.
there are thoughts there,
that must remain thoughts,
they cannot become words
between us.

please blink.
you look too directly
at my heart.
it changes the familiar tattoo
and i stumble, dancing.
across the room you smile
those eyes fixed
in their intent.

please blink.
you look too directly
at me.
it sears my skin
dry, traps the words
inside my throat
i stand inarticulate
to your silent suggestion
across the room
you raise a silent toast
and smile
you know how i feel.

please blink.
you look too directly
at me.



Blogger Dan Husain said...

I didn't blink at all while reading this. Super poem! :-)

25 January, 2007 16:40  
Blogger AmitMakwana said...

hi Manisha!
lovely poem!
it so refreshing concept!
please blink...

07 February, 2007 14:37  
Blogger Batul said...

Lovely poem.

26 February, 2007 18:19  
Anonymous passer by said...

i see your consciousness in my eyes..
i would stumble if looked away for a moment..
i have with me the cabbaged seconds that i respire..
look into my eyes and you would know why i don't blink..

can't believe you wont look away for the jiffy..
i tame an ocean..can't get drippy
got to gauge you..can't afford parallax..
can't blink..i can't relax..

26 March, 2007 00:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blink not anymore,
Your insight is what i need...
To turn my soul inside out.

Nice poem!

24 April, 2007 11:16  
Blogger Shreyasi Deb said...

Manisha and Passer by...awesome!

16 May, 2007 12:10  

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