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24 March, 2011

Caferati @ Habitat Open Mic starts March 25th!

Delhi folks, the Caferati @ Habitat Open Mic series kicks off 25 March, and from then on, every last Friday of the month, for as long as you continue to support it and Habitat continues to host!

India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road
New Delhi,
25th March, 19:00 - 22:00

Facebook event page & Tweetable shortened link for the event:

* Entry Free *

The rules:
- You must perform only your own writing.
- You can perform one piece for a maximum of two minutes. Your time starts the moment you come to the microphone; any introduction or preamble is part of your time slot.
- Only solo or duo performances; no groups please. Duos can only perform collaborative works authored by both performers.
- Works performed can be in any of the languages used in the National Capital Region
- You can recite, declaim, shout, even sing (if you can hold a tune); you can sit, stand or lie down; you can dance, turn a cartwheel, play a musical instrument, or scratch your back while standing on your head, as long as you perform your words.
- When the moderator tells you your time is up, please leave the microphone immediately.
- Genres: No restriction. Poetry, scripts, stories, songs, it’s all good.
- Prohibited: Foul language, explicit sexual imagery, slander, anything that flouts the laws of India.
- No nudity. Yes, you can use costumes and make-up if you like.
- There will be up to 25 slots of up to 2 minutes each.
- To get a slot, simply sign up with the moderator before the start; first come, first served .
- Please show the text of what you plan to perform to the moderator, and/or describe your performance. This is not about censorship; it is to guard against infringement of the rules.

Boring but necessary legalities:
- There are no prizes, no performance fees, no reimbursement of expenses.
- You retain ownership of your work, but you give Habitat and Caferati permission to photograph or recording your performance for display on their websites, with attribution to you. (Should you wish to be excluded from being photographed or recorded, please inform any photographers / camerapersons / recordists present.)
You can also subscribe to to get notifications of future Caferati @ Habitat Open Mike evenings.

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