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02 April, 2012

CaPoWriMo 3.02

Write a haiku. Your season is Summer.

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Blogger Living in Gurgaon said...

A swimming pool
A golden lab ponders
"How can i make this look innocent?"

02 April, 2012 00:16  
Blogger Abhi said...


A pool of water,
Mirage in the haze;
Shining- fleeting image.

02 April, 2012 01:16  
Blogger AaRKay said...

Haze in the air
Water flowing on the street ?
Heart longs for the laburnum foliage.

02 April, 2012 09:18  
Blogger Unapologetic Confessions said...

Slow Summer

The mangoes in the orchard
Turn fatter, will turn green to saffron bright
Summer, slowly seems to have arrived.

03 April, 2012 00:40  

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