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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

19 September, 2004

Musings from a train from Goa

hi people,

Sorry, I haven't been able to post in ages... I was off to Goa for a long overdue break (Tuesday thru Saturday)... well, I'm back now (Duhhhh), and on my way back in the train, I was reading the assorted works of Oscar Wilde... incidentally, the one poet/author I identify with immensely purely from the sense of his writing style and his take on life / world...

here's the poems that I came up with along the way...

The lament of a tardy photographer - written for this friend of mine who was trying to capture the elusive setting sun and kept blaming the trees for obstructing a clear shot....

A concrete jungle, not a woodland you seek,
where the sun who sets is not lame and meek...

To encapsulate a piece of the fleeting sun,
and possibly create a photograph that is second to none

the hurrying sun across the sky
tarries not to hear your cry

it scurries off to there from here
to light up the world in a different hemisphere

and day turns slowly into night
and the ever-plunging sun trebles your plight

in the magical glimpse of lovely twilight
you strain your reflexes with all your might

in the mauves and gentle oranges we see
are sunbeams lighting up clouds enticingly

alas, now your labour of love has ended today in vain
but fret not, he may oblige us tomorrow again..