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08 September, 2004

what is a man

what is a man
if he does not know
when black goes with black.
when with orange, with pink, or blue ?

what is a man
that is not some wild
or some mad.
who is not as soft
and warm
and sensitive too.

who can ,
for every tear
match you ?

what is a man
if not sometimes
a bit of a woman too ?



Blogger Max Babi said...

This is wonderful.
The feelings resonate throughout me - I guess the 'ardhnarishwar' concept is too old to be goaded back into discussion here... but even today's X-generation or whichever, does like the male to go for a bit of manicure and jewellery and the ability to shed tears just like a woman... good, I guess.
Nice taut little poem.

Max Babi

09 September, 2004 19:21  
Blogger annie said...

Nice, Ratna.
And the ideal woman is one who's got the guts and spine of a man. and knows how to hold back tears...

09 September, 2004 21:46  
Blogger jivay said...

To Add to Max's comment...!
Was Ardhanareshwara the original metrosexual?
Though I don't really identify with that term 'metrosexual'!

10 September, 2004 10:10  
Blogger perspective said... said there is no comment...
that's a lovely write max... nicely said
true... what is a man if not partly a woman..


13 September, 2004 18:46  

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