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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

06 September, 2004

Whats to see? In Jogeshwari?

Whats to see? In Jogeshwari?
Misnomers galore, in this little rhyme you shall see
To the sights of Jogeshwari, as faithfull I shall be

Whats to see in Jogeshwari?
An interesting people?
or a fine church steeple..
a good movie?
you'd exhort me to see?
or a great puppet show,
to which everyone should go

Is it like a walk in the park?
before noon and after dark?

Is the dress code a scandal,
or is the place rampant with vandals?

Are the roads very fair,
where you can roam without a care?

Are there monuments of an age gone by,
or are there buildings that seem to scrape the sky?

fast food courts and McDonald's muttons
with which to appease the hunger of gleeful gluttons

Gujjubhais strolling
with their potbellies rolling

Is it visible, the distant glimmer?
of the Lokhandwalla shimmer?

In the east can we see?
The Land of Fantasy?

Personally my favourite is this friend i have, a lady
who's an exemplary beacon of courage and spontaneity

this, my audience, you will agree
that then there's not much else left to see in Jogeshwari

So what else is there to see
in Jogeshwari

- pranay
(at the meet on September the Fifth)