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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

22 October, 2004


As the rickety bus
screeched to a thudding halt
I idly looked outside,
sure enough,
a young lady on the curb
put out a hand,
her glistening eyes full
of pure mischief,
contrasting terribly with
feigned driving-need for help

our eyes met, and I laughed
abruptly she laughed too...
with gesture implying
futility in its infinite endlessness
she pulled back

and my heart lurched
soon as I realised
her right leg was missing
from mid-thigh downwards
-but the bus lurched onwards.

Those joyfilled lustrous eyes
that irrepressible joie de vivre
that impatience to get back
to horseplay with buddies

ever so sharply
with a platoon of worried
sick everyday faces

swooshing down on me
like a phalanx of restless
ghosts with eternal hungers

leaving me to
wonder, and untangle
the severe strands of confusion.

(c) Max Babi



Blogger Geetanjali said...

I liked the way the poem encapsulates a frequent experience that one wouldn't bother to think twice about, but yet it forms a part of our daily life!

23 October, 2004 14:15  
Blogger Nyssa said...

... wasn't she beautiful? my heart just bursts at the way you describe her... she must be beautiful :)

15 December, 2004 10:00  

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