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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

09 November, 2004

Here Comes the Night

Here comes the Night!
Dispassionately black
Creeping up the trellis
Of the restless buzzing city
Dispensing her shadows
To every nook and crack
Here comes the Night!
To claim her monopoly

Here comes the Night!
With mischief in her face
Her satin-smooth lingerie
Tantalizing cruelly
She shrouds the future
Revealing just a trace
Here comes the Night!
Luring all with chicanery

Here comes the Night!
Her heart dipped in malice
As she whispers treachery
Into every which ear
The rogue, she favors
With assassins, she sallies
Here comes the Night!
With terror to sear

Here comes the Night!
Her eyes misty gray
Counting the beggar’s losses
Reviving dismal memories
The looking-glass cracks
When it catches her sashay
Here comes the Night!
To sing doleful harmonies

Here comes the Night!
Sangfroid she does whet
She'll sing you into slumber
In the cradle of your hearth
While she lathers you hungrily
To suck out your last breath
Here comes the Night! Beware!
She rules half the earth.



Blogger Geetanjali said...

:-) I think I'm reading it all wrong (I keep lasping into the tune of "Here comes the Hotstepper"!)...

On a second more serious reading (though still not quite the way Manisha or Avi read) - I loved it, specially the last stanza! It flows smoothly and settles over you like a silken satiny sheet caressing you with its dark folds...nice! Tres nice!

09 November, 2004 18:03  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hey this is classic Sonia stuff!
btw we look forward to reading those
three poems u read out at the caferati
@pune 1st readmeet recently...

09 November, 2004 23:18  

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