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08 November, 2004

"Interesting" post

From the Denver Post Book Beat, via Kitabkhana and Maud Newton
The following glossary, offered with tongue in cheek, might help literary hopefuls decipher messages received from agents in response to their work:
Interesting - Boring
Has potential - Amateurish
Moving - Show it to Moma
Needs work - Hopeless
Mid-list - Won't sell
Intelligent - See 'interesting'
Ambitious - Too long
Spare - Too short
Poetic - Insomniacs only
Plot-driven - Superficial
Excellent - Possible, with a rewrite
Cinematic - Unreadable
Marketable - People will buy anything
Challenging - See 'poetic'
At this time (as in, we can't use it at this time) - Never
Experimental - In your dreams
Character-driven - No story
Novel of ideas - No one will read it
Talented - How did you get in here?


Blogger Gama said...

I'll be glad to hear from people like you guys, and tell me what's going on with my poetry, good or bad that's what we are here for.
To crictic each other's writing in order to improve.
I won't get offended or mad.
I'll be looking forward to read what you have to say.


09 November, 2004 01:46  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

did you have to shatter dreams, ziggy?

10 November, 2004 10:15  

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