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05 November, 2004

Chanting 'Om'

Chanting ‘Om’, chanting ‘Om’
Twelve planets orbiting the sun
A thousand sun, a many moon
Multipart in unified croon

Chanting ‘Om’, chanting ‘Om’
Two seedlings apart were sown
I know not you, you know not me
Yet sisters be eternally

Chanting ‘Om’, chanting ‘Om’
The heirs to one Kingdom
Rainbows of string, threads issuing
The one Weaver nods all-knowing



Blogger jivay said...

Ooh la la...
Quoi d'autre peux dire t'on...!!!

06 November, 2004 10:11  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Could almost hear the clanging of the bells in the background!

(Whats with the French comment?)

06 November, 2004 15:12  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

To Jivay: Merci beaucoup. Vous avez dit trop en ne rien disant.

To Geetanjali: I was thinking on terms of a cosmic unifying sound when I wrote this. However, I'm grateful that "something" has been heard!

06 November, 2004 20:32  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Ah Geetanjali,
That's a little joke between Vijay
the French teacher and Sonia the
French learner, a serious learner.

C'est la vie... !

au revoir

08 November, 2004 00:32  
Blogger annie said...

hmmm... nice. reminds me a little of omar khayyam's rubaiyat... the theme and tone of it

08 November, 2004 13:09  

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