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04 November, 2004

The Hallowed HOLLOW

It is all about pretensions. As the author of a "self-help" book says, "You can fake anything" so why be anything?

The concept of personality being molded by the prevailing social setup is as old as your neighborhood aunt is, archaic but un-admitted. Touch back to the times when we were really our own selves and not acting it out to be pleasant to some and agreeable to others. Someone, who used to dope beyond sanity, once said, "trying to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”. I know quoting Kurt Cobain would not exactly sway opinions but what I want to emphasize is that although his life may have been a mess (surely not the songs), he said these words of wisdom when he probably had just one fifth of his senses alive.

We were innocent when we were kids, when we were still coming to terms with our sensibilities, when all that we cared for was being inquisitive even at the cost of a few laughs at our expense. In fact, we laughed with the world when it laughed at us and hence changed that laughter to love .Do you think it happens now. If it did, you would not have thought twice before raising your hand to ask that seemingly innocuous question in class. This is the only reason why we have been reduced to students who ask only those questions whose answers we already know. We have stopped putting out our finger to the fire not for the fear of being burnt but for the fear of being laughed at.

We created an image for ourselves as we grew up but since then we have not been able to extricate ourselves out of it. At some point in life, we refused to portray what we were and instead superimposed on us the tag of what we would always have wanted to be. We refused to identify us with us .We judged ourselves based on the evaluations, sometimes demanding, of others but missed something that was so obvious i.e. the limitation of the evaluation to be better than the evaluator. Therefore, in a way we shaped ourselves not on thoughts but on thinkers and ended being the oh-so-confused that we are today. No wonder we have always felt on the leash, in a cage, made by us and in front of an audience chosen by us and we have been performing the same old acts and trying to elicit the same old applause to the extent that now everything has become predictable even to our minds benumbed as they have always been.

Those who have been able to realize it have tried to break open the self-imposed shackles. They are the ones who have been enlightened. As for the rest, they are still competing to get more applause than the person in the next cage does and are busy laughing at the attempts of those who want to get away from this "happy world”.

Even as I write this, I realize I am in more than countable ways one among those inside the cages. Just knowing that I am in a predictable existence does not make me different until I make a sincere attempt to get out of it. Try to get out of the painted-rosy world of yours. Try to be your real self, try to break free. If you get time help others escape too from this artificiality, after all you too would want to increase your number.

Do meet me when you escape. We all strived for like-minded people all our lives .It would therefore be the greatest travesty if we flee to a brave new world and still do not meet.

Until we meet, as they say "Keep up the 'Good Act' ".


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