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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

03 November, 2004

Another poem

Two Moths

Two moths around a flame,
flirting in small sorties
with danger,
without passion.

The first dies,
wings charred,
immortalized in wax,
at least till the candle lasts.

The second ceaselessly turns and dives
into the shallow depths of darkness
beneath the candle stand.
Without warning electricity returns
drowning every nook and cranny with light.
Like a spark the moth goes
around the tube
clinking and colliding, again and again
I think,
to bathe in flames
without much effect.

What a fool, I laugh.
The first one was smarter !

(c) Sunil R. Nair



Blogger manisha lakhe said...

what was in that candle's light
that opened and consumed me so quickly?

--happily misquoting Rumi.

03 November, 2004 22:10  
Blogger theabbot said...

I think if you take out
"at least till the candle lasts." and

"What a fool, I laugh.
The first one was smarter !"

the meaning becomes implied or suggestive than obvious.

The poem can also be tighter...

a link to my poem that has moths...
may be u cud check it and tell me what ya think

04 November, 2004 18:12  

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