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03 November, 2004

Testing Bounds

I was only testing bounds, that's all...
- Jim Morrison

Think now
Was it my fault
To fly high
Or yours
Not to provide
Foolproof wings?

The yellow blob
Must have melted
My feathers;
Stuck together as it were
With your hundred and one
Admonitions, advice and tears.

Think now
Will you hold it against
That fire
For doing his job well
Or your words
That didn’t stick?

The blue waters
Have embraced me
In one piece;
It carries my name for eternity,
I, Icarus of the burning skies
Now explore the cool depths.

Think now
Will you keep blaming
Me for testing bounds
Or your good sense
That robbed you
Of fame?




Blogger manisha lakhe said...

love it! sans the 'blue waters' stanza, and the last 'who you' bit...your readers are well-read my dear, exposition is painful...and i'd rather go up in flames embracing the yellow blob than fall down in the cool blue waters...just a thought!

03 November, 2004 15:30  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Well, this is lovely! Have you read Auden's "Musee de Beaux Arts"? Mention there about Breughel's "Icarus".

03 November, 2004 17:45  

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