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01 November, 2004

The Colour of Love

“Sir, you’re a philosopher. Tell us, what is the colour of love?”
- Office banter.

For once, I’m bereft of answer. She waits,
expectant, an ordinary face unlimned
by philosophic doubt, testing an oracle.
For once, I’ve no absolutes, no named
axiom to arrest the air, no historical
truth to flourish with place and dates.

But were I to lay my own soul bare
(forgetting for an instant my place
on the hill), would I say:
love’s colour is the fairness of a face
softly glimpsed against the grey
of a pallid sky, and wet streaked hair…

The tint of a poem long ago, remembered
as sienna on green matted parchment,
a haunting tendril of promise:
would I dwell on that rapture’s moment
when certitudes dissolved in a kiss,
now long since embered?

Or the shade of bookshop light, subtle
as it picks a dreamt-of gift: a book of Fowles,
Eliot’s Cats fondly asked, Catullus for the cover
(a private tease), a morning’s spoils
hugged in the transport of a lover…
Yet all this, I fear, would tell you little.

But wait – what of the gold of the mountain sun,
of blues and browns, a butterfly in filigreed
silver, bangled jade like wrought pools,
a Tibetan crone mulcting me in cheerful greed,
seeing love’s lustre in a fool’s
eyes…And I’d still not be done.

For there is one last, the final sea of hues
where all rainbows merge, and this by far
the most lasting, answer most right.
For this reigns in crippling power,
the certainty of love bleached white
by the lover’s abuse.




Blogger annie said...

Something should be said,
about this...
Some comment craves its making -
the first line, or the last three,
or the beginning of the last stanza?
Something about -
nineteenth century leading-upto-ism
twentieth century metric liberty
or the sudden pleasure of discovering syllables that rhyme?

01 November, 2004 12:52  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Annie, thank you. If you liked this - a tentative presumption - take a look at "VISITOR" in the archives for October. I'm afraid that went unnoticed!

01 November, 2004 15:03  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Annie, thank you. If you liked this - a tentative presumption - take a look at my "VISITOR" in the archives for October. I'm afraid that went completely unnoticed!

01 November, 2004 15:10  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Ah. Vintage DJ.

01 November, 2004 16:24  
Blogger Pye said...

This is just lovely. So many colours and textures. Very rich writing. I really love poetry that evokes the senses like this does.

Loved 'sienna on green matted parchment' and the whole of the fifth stanza. Beautiful. Thank you.

01 November, 2004 23:39  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Pye, thank YOU! At the risk of sounding like I'm soliciting, please see my poem VISITOR too in the October archives - http://caferati.blogspot,com/2004/10/visitor.html/

I visited your blog and left a comment :)

02 November, 2004 00:21  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Ah Peter! You remember my other persona...Thank you! Your own page has been fallow for a while, my friend :) You do remember surely that I was a devout visitor? :)

02 November, 2004 00:28  
Blogger Purvi said...

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13 November, 2010 08:50  

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