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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

26 October, 2004


At nineteen, I wasn't like this.

I didn't talk innuendo;
I didn’t know how.
and I just knew, love was waiting
for me to graduate.

At nineteen, I did not practice verbosity.

I wrote for intra-mural participation certificates.
I wrote, for they told me, I had poetry in me…
Terrible rhymes, I wrote, contorted into lameness
in the effort to rhyme.

At nineteen, I was not a funny shape.
I was not plump and thin, smooth and scarred.
I worked, resisted work,
And hid in the bathroom. Tears -
my shame and pride.

At nineteen, I had no tricky charm.
I smiled rarely, if at all.

I grasped the world, without grabbing it,
nor grappling for my two column worth in it.

At nineteen, I wasn't homeless,
nor Godless.
I knew a home and took a bus back.
Fought one God in a chapel and found another tramping in the Dargah.

At nineteen, I strained at the leash that was me.
At nineteen, I waited for life.

Written long, long ago... I wrote bad poetry, much beyond nineteen.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annie.. my feelings -

At Nineteen I just wrote poetry
Not Judging good or bad
It was a part of ME..

26 October, 2004 18:05  
Blogger rats said...

your work, annie is beautiful

26 October, 2004 19:59  
Blogger jivay said...


26 October, 2004 20:11  
Blogger Rama The Drama said...


26 October, 2004 22:33  
Blogger Alex said...

Wow! you echo my thoughts...thanks for putting it down in such beautiful words...

27 October, 2004 09:36  
Blogger annie said...

thank you, thank you, thank you... [blush, blush :P ]

29 October, 2004 13:54  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi Annie,

Late to come in
but I echo the general feeling here.
A good poem.
One should enjoy life -age hardly matters.

The more u listen to others' criticism
the more self-conscious you get....

People should be taken in small doses !

cheers !

30 October, 2004 09:04  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

i glad am to stand as annie z fan club president...second me, someone?

31 October, 2004 18:13  
Blogger zigzackly said...

to ML

The line forms on the right, dear.

01 November, 2004 02:15  
Blogger John said...

It's not terrible but great poetry. Just the thought of you being 19 and in self-doubt it delectable enough!

01 November, 2004 11:57  
Blogger Dhruv Arora said...


I know nothing about poetry. But, can make some sense. And, the NEGATION is wonderful way of conveying present and past past.

Can you send me the complete song "Tu Zinda hai, Tu zindagi ki ..." on would be kind.
Hope you read this comment.

28 January, 2005 03:00  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

atreyee first mentioned this poem to me... now i thank her for leading me here and you for being nineteen... :-)

22 February, 2005 23:27  

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