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26 October, 2004

What are your favourite online writing and reading resources?

We have a large selection of links that we hope writers and readers will enjoy. You'll see most of them (sorted alphabetically) in the left panel here, under "Recommended," and a sorted list on our site.
Do tell us what you think of the selection.
If you have some links of your own to recommend, even better. Either mail them in, or leave a comment here, with the URL and why you think that site is a useful addition. (Note to the Contributors: perhaps you can post reviews of the sites you find most useful? Feel free to pick up one of the existing links, or choose one of your own.)


Blogger John said...

Hi Peter,

Could put a link to my short stories on Sulekha on our caferati blog page.

The link is given below:


26 October, 2004 15:13  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hi P

I do use the links to Kitabkhana, and an odd one
from the long list according to my whims.
Ur selection is five-star lemme assure you pal.
Great list of resources.

I discovered Gitanjali there...she is planning
to join our blog. She writes very well.

Keep up the good work !

30 October, 2004 09:47  

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