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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

26 October, 2004


When i went out, it was sunny,
so i put on my shades.
And you said I forgot
to tell you I’m getting married.
Please be happy for me.
So i put on my shades and smiled.
People in the train looked
at my red eyes and straggly hair.
i could have assured each one of them
that it wasn’t a hash induced glaze
but it seemed much easier to put on my shades;
So I came back enclosed
in my portable, personal dark.
And then i took off my shades.

From long ago and far away



Blogger junoesque said...

loved "portable, personal dark"- my shades are indispensable for me...more so when my face gives me away completely..most of the time...

27 October, 2004 11:27  
Blogger shilpa bhatnagar said...


27 October, 2004 20:11  
Blogger annie said...

can't help but think of those exit wounds we were speaking of....
nice :)

28 October, 2004 13:41  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Insightful - amazing how hiding emotions and thoughts has become such a habit/necessity amongst us that its almost a tick...

28 October, 2004 23:11  
Blogger Max Babi said...

hey guys,

Haven't used shades for twenty years now
-I guess this is alien territory for me.
Also feel emotions cannot be cloaked,
just by covering one's eyes.
Great believer in body language.
The body always gives you away.

Cheers !

30 October, 2004 23:41  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Ritu, Shilpa, Annie, Geetanjali,
Thank you.
i used to be a keen student of kinesics too, once upon a time.

01 November, 2004 16:34  
Blogger shilpa bhatnagar said...


I wear my shades too
they shield me from probing eyes
stealing my feelings
peeling, leering..
searching for ways to
attack my vulnerability
And then again,
at times,
to keep from giving away
my own cunning designs.

01 November, 2004 20:22  

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