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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

04 November, 2004


you say
you sent poetry to me
love scented from your bed
you say
i have not the sense
and turned her away instead ?

i write poetry
at the kitchen sink
she visits in fits and starts
she is specially good
when i yell at vij
and am tearing him apart

i write poetry
at mocha's now
with mahesh and nandini
i write poetry
at manisha's urge
mused by sunil and zigzackly
and lately
i write inspired
by avi, atrayee
and annie

you say i left
poetry behind
and recognise not what i see
you say i havent
the faintest
when poetry
comes to me

i know
at the unlikeliest
i know
she comes to me ,

when poetry
comes to me
my friend
i know not the begining
from the end.



Blogger rats said...

i am not at all happy with the ending.
i had to put the last bit but am not happy with the way it does not really link up with the stuff before it
help ? please ?

04 November, 2004 17:53  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

darlin' first i have to recover from seeing my name in a poem...

05 November, 2004 10:56  
Blogger annie said...

i second that! this is the first time anyone's every put me down in verse. am i 'yippeee'ing or what?! :P
and i totally love "poetry, love-scented from the bed...'

08 November, 2004 13:19  
Blogger John said...

Rats, great poem, you have embraced all our poets in one big bear hug!

08 November, 2004 16:36  
Blogger zigzackly said...

i have been featured in verse before but the references were usually rude and/or anatomical. This is SUCH a nice change. :)
But that middle verse, the one that says those kind things, is a slightly different rhythm and length, which jars a bit. Some smoothening there?

Yes, that ending is a bit forced. i remember seeing that on a post to my guestbook a while ago. It worked well on its own then, and still does, as a separate poem.

For the end (this is not meant to be an edit or even a suggestion, just trying to open other doors which you will walk through in your own way):

i know she
comes to me ,
At the unlikeliest times.
In bursts,
in phrases,
Sometimes with complete rhymes.

And when she
comes to me,
She visits like a friend:
Stays, and chats
And warms my heart;
There is no begining or end.

08 November, 2004 23:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rats, i'd recognize your style anywhere, Lovely poem, as usual, and that part about yelling at vij is the cutest hahahaaa

14 November, 2004 09:18  
Blogger atreyee said...

Rats ,it's so beautiful and I am in it! Yes, I too get poetry just between the kitchen basin and pathorer table ,too, just 'cause ...Thank you so much!
First time been featured like this..
Love Atreyee

18 November, 2004 01:09  
Anonymous Louise said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, I was both flattered and supprised that someone had read the poem. I have been reading the poems writen by you and your friends on Caferati and am very inspired by evrything I have seen.
I will visit often,
kind regards

02 June, 2005 11:03  

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