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04 November, 2004

Wanna Make a Moveeeee????

I've always fancied myself as a Filmmaker, but the fact is, I'm not (on my own steam at least), I'm just a WANNABE.
Not that I haven't tried, but various factors (excuses my detractors would say) have always come up to act as hinderance in my crossing the threshold from WANNABE BIZEEBEE!!!

And today I was enticed by this Advertisment about a competition providing people a chance to make their own movies and have them Premiered at Premiere Film Festival.
Alas, this too is not to be!!! The advertisement told me that I am nothing but an old Gaadhaa, the cometition they say is only for those below the age of 24 (and can prove it to be so)!

So for those of you who are desiring and dreaming to make their own films...
Are young enough to qualify...
Read the information below and go conquer the world!!!
24x7 Making Movies at IFFI 2004
Filmmakers Anuradha Parikh and Dev Benegal were invited to curate their 24x7 making movies program once again. This time on the beaches of Goa.
The International Film Festival India, held in Goa, 2004 invites anyone to make a fiction film on the theme of Nature & Violence for the 24x7 program.
Here’s the Challenge:
• You have 24 hours to make a film. Only 24 hours!
• Conceive it, shoot it, edit it and show it!
• It can be 24 seconds to 24 minutes: No less, No more!
• 24 hours later your film must be ready for its WORLD PREMIERE.
• An international jury will give away prizes.
• You will get access to Panasonic Digital Camera’s & Apple Editing systems.
• The catch? You’ve got to be 24 years and younger!
WINa Panasonic Digital Camera, an Apple Editing system or make a Film for ZeeTV
Applicants will be selected on the basis of their submissions. Details and a simple application form are provided elsewhere on this site. Log in, fill up and we’ll get back to you. Festival runs Nov 29 to Dec 9, 2004. Last date for entries Nov 15, 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any news on this? Who won? What happened to the movie? Did it get famous?

05 February, 2005 21:38  

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