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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

29 December, 2004

Alienating A Child

A kitten, a pup cradled
in your arms, hears your heartbeat,
revels in the warmth
and feels the security of the mother's womb
with your heartbeats gonging, reverberating
through its furry existence.

A helpless sneeze,
peels off the relationship
like a skin of glue, a loose wrapper.
A strange look descends in its eyes
-and it takes long to re-cement the tenuous

My mother did that once :
spoke of the Judgement Day
when we shall arise from the dead.
No one will recognize any one.
You won't know me, I asked
horror dripping from my limpid words.
No, she said, turning back to her
sewing or stitching,
leaving me out in the eternal cold.

Even today
twenty years after she passed away
I shiver, helplessly.
And wonder.
God, I have a quarrel to pick with you.

(c) Max Babi December 2004



Blogger Anil said...

Beautiful Max...esp loved the second verse...the imagery was exquisite..the link between the sneeze and a r'ship was something worth reading twice...good to see some poetry from your pen again :)

29 December, 2004 16:38  
Blogger Pragya said...

This was beautiful, Max! So true. Tugged at the heartstrings.

29 December, 2004 18:36  
Blogger Max Babi said...

Hey Anil, and Pragya

Tks a lot... it's gratifying to know
we all have heartstrings vibrating in
unison !


29 December, 2004 23:01  
Blogger shilpa bhatnagar said...

That was really touching.
I have a quarrel to pick with God too, Max.

31 December, 2004 11:44  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Been a long time since you posted any verse Max...this one not just tugged at those strings, it boody well yanked at them! Left my eyes moist...

03 January, 2005 01:10  

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