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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

26 December, 2004


Weathered light
From a million hoardings
Like old lovers
Streams of desire
And rivers of discontent

Green faces-
Under the hazy surfaces
Of trampled city streets
Stare at the spotless billboards
Advertising hopeless hopes
And dreamless dreams

A tortured silence
In the sterilized boardrooms
Speaks volumes-
About a globalized youth
Waiting in the wings
To rule the future
And save the (corporate) world

A total-
Subversion of the soul
The coolest fad
By the latest ad

Associated facts
About benevolent companies
Doing good
By making profits
Bring to mind
A host of dictators
Fighting over branded® humanity™




Blogger annie said...

Such a refreshing change, Anil... I like this.

27 December, 2004 09:50  
Blogger dewdrop said...

yes, i do too anil, like it a lot

27 December, 2004 10:33  
Blogger sunil said...

Yes, it is certainly refreshing as a change. The deep anguish is deftly made out into a subtle and powerful satire. Such precise expressions and so accurate words! Your brevity is unbeatable, indeed.

28 December, 2004 19:42  
Anonymous Devotica said...

oh yes
i find
of Dark Humour
out your voice-box
casting with ease
a mild impression
on my mind

02 November, 2005 23:57  

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