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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

27 December, 2004


Nurturing, caring, sacrificing,
Traded off experiences,
Constant satisficing.

Protecting, guiding, worrying,
Tenuously constructed identities,
Selflessly disintegrating.

Yearning, missing, longing,
Sensitive souls in fragile bones,
For some succor waiting.

Saddened, disheartened, frightened
Rheumy-eyed and hopeless,
Praying for a comfortable end.



Blogger Geetanjali said...

An ode to Motherhood, or is it Womanhood?

"satisficing" - is that poetic license you are using here, or is that a typo?

27 December, 2004 11:36  
Blogger Pragya said...


Actually it was trying to be an ode to parenthood in general. Satisficing is a word, albeit a B-school one. According to the dictionary:

To obtain an outcome that is good enough. Satisficing action can be contrasted with maximising action, which seeks the biggest, or with optimising action, which seeks the best.

27 December, 2004 20:55  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Good showing on the poetry, Prags! And as for the B-School word, we'll accept it if those Mandarins insist, although it sticks a bit :) But a nice poem, notwithstanding.

28 December, 2004 07:40  
Blogger Jyotsna said...

"Sensitive souls in fragile bones"--pragya-really identify with this..very well conveyed and succintly put

28 December, 2004 19:15  
Blogger Max Babi said...

and you said you never wrote poetry
till a few weeks back... hah!
keep on rolling, Pragya, great poem.

cheers !

28 December, 2004 22:41  
Blogger sunil said...

Your sensibility is great and capability to put your feelings into words too. Liked it very much.

30 December, 2004 18:13  

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