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30 December, 2004

The Cheerful Caller

The Cheerful Caller
He dropped into my office with a grin upon his face,
He talked about the weather and the race.
He asked about the family, and told the latest joke.
But he never mentioned anyone who'd suddenly gone broke.
He talked of books and pictures, and the play he'd been to see.
A clever quip his friend had made he passed along to me.
He praised the suit of clothes I wore; he asked me what it cost.
But he never said a word about the money he had lost.
He was with me twenty minutes, smiling heavily, while he stayed,
O'er the memory of some silly blunder he had made.
Calamity and tragedy he mentioned not at all.
I thought it rather curious, when he had come and gone;
He must have had some tale of woe--but didn't pass it on.
For nowadays, it seems to me that every person I meet
Has something new in misery and moaning to repeat.
So I write these lines to him who had his share of woe,
But still could talk of other things, and let his troubles go.
I was happier with his visit. In a world that's sick with doubt,
'It was good to meet a man who wasn't spreading gloom about.
'Better still, be a man who wasn't spreading gloom about.



Blogger Geetanjali said...

I'm asking alot of question in my comments these days - but here goes anyways, Seen Raincoat? Thy poem reminded me of it ; perhaps it's because I'm still suffering frm the hang-over of last week...just wondering if that's what egged you to pen this one???

30 December, 2004 10:51  
Blogger sunil said...

Lovely thought about the way of life. Inspiring. Good that you posted it because it is nothing new but things retold often have a renewed and reinforced impact too. And it is beautifully retold, not resorting to reminding a fable from the classics like a preacher or self-styled guru.

30 December, 2004 17:39  
Blogger annie said...

very nice use of rhyme and rhythem :)

30 December, 2004 20:20  
Blogger Sreekesh Menon said...

Geetanjali, thank you for your comments and you havent yet hit any threshold on questions asked,so dont hold any back. :-)

I wrote this a long time back( not an original work, got inspired from something i had read at that time), a time when I had a "good reputation" for being an insensitive guy, always laughing, cracking jokes, enjoying, partying , making fun of everyone and everything good or bad around me.

This sadly struck all the wrong cords amoung my friends and i worte this to make people understand my thought process. A few read and understood, others decided to be better off without having me around.

When I go back and read this, I understand that this is more of the ideal look at what I want to be and not even close to what I was. yet its never too late to change.

Thank you sunil and Anne for the encouragement.

31 December, 2004 03:19  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

:-) Thanks Sree for that explanation - didn't quite expect that long a reply!

Hmmm...I liked the poem btw, sorry didn't mention that earlier...

31 December, 2004 10:57  
Blogger livinghigh said...

excellent rhyme!
reminded me about all those neautiful nuggets we used to read in school... brought a smile to my face. ;-)
PS: the smile's still there!

31 December, 2004 18:47  

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