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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

02 December, 2004

Don't Worry..

No, I am not sad, darling,
When I am alone.
When I am alone,
I am all me.

I can stare at stars
And suck on a sugar cube,
Without counting
Numbers or calories.

I can weep freely
Watching ‘Roman Holiday’
Again and again.
And not worry about
The volume on the TV.

I can simply sit
And be a Nobody.
Hugging an empty cup
Of Chikmaglur coffee,
Staring at the sea.

I can also pretend
I’m Rapunzel again.
And fairy-tale endings,
Are but a page away.

So save the thought, darling.
And help me figure out
How I can happily share
This aloneness with you.



Blogger Sreekesh Menon said...

Some say, Its this pain that makes one love harder
Some say, Its this loneliness that makes love sharper
Some say, Love has turned hearts to stone.
Some say, Love has cut and bruised even the soul.

Love, some still say, is the most beautiful feeling.
Love, some still say, is not for the better amoung us.
Love, some still say, is not a feeling I had.

I say, Love never fails.
I say, Trust in yourself, Trust in love
I say, Love will love you forever with love.
I say, Hear about love from the one who hasnt loved!

02 December, 2004 11:46  
Blogger jaygee said...

that is lovely... very melancholic..

02 December, 2004 12:10  
Blogger Sagar said...

No, you're not lonely, dear
Close thy eyes and I'll be there

Distance is not always evil, dear
Thoughts of you, bring me cheer

Why be afraid for the future, dear
Together we can conquer fear

Lonliness isn't alway lonely, dear
Longing for you, only brings you near

Pine not in my absence, dear
Await its end, but don't shed a tear!

02 December, 2004 15:33  
Blogger scribe said...

Been there. Feel exactly that. No, I'm not alone too and I think the darlings are beginning to understand. There's a simple melody in the construct as well. Thank you.

02 December, 2004 15:51  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

Lotus-Eaters tugged painfully at the heart's strings - and then this, packed a vindictive whollop! I loved it - everything, from "I am all me" to Roman Holiday, "Chikmaglur coffee/staring at the sea "(brought up images of that balcony in Gold Mist)to the "Fairy-tale endings"...
Oh..if I had half the talent!

02 December, 2004 19:23  
Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Hey, I watched Roman Holiday again, recently - and cried again...sigh.. Nice work!

02 December, 2004 22:51  

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