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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

01 December, 2004


Laughter’s dear, so you chose the gift
of lasting tears for me:
such splendid economy
as no woman’s thrift

could ever hope to claim. This memento
will survive unrusted
my soul salt encrusted
with each unbidden overflow.

And journey’s end will find
my gaunt effigy encrypted
in the carapace you gifted,
pickled in precious brine.




Blogger Pragya said...

Beautiful! But what gets you here? Poetry like this makes me wonder more about the poet as well, where's the fount whence this springs?

01 December, 2004 09:17  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

This is one Joyce I admire ;-) Great stuff S_Band! The imagery & choice of words are perfect for the theme! Beautiful!

01 December, 2004 14:16  
Blogger khuto said...

I think it is a great drift of thought . . .
In the spirit of "imitation is the best for of flattery"
I could suggest carrying on with the gift-thrift
rhyme perhaps -- "with each unbidden drift" comes
to mind naturally -- but the precious brine -
could it be "covered in briny shift," one wonders...

01 December, 2004 14:44  
Blogger raindanseuse said...

This poem cries out, "I'm sad, I'm a sad poem!" and it truly touches a chord. But there's a hint of humour, like "pickled in precious brine", "such splendid economy as no woman's thrift", that I can't help but smile bemused. Its like looking back on bitter memories without the bitterness, in fact with a touch of sadistic pleasure, almost.

01 December, 2004 16:07  
Blogger annie said...

on a lighter note - you've been in a pretty pickle there, haven't you :D
but nice....

01 December, 2004 18:03  

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