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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

14 December, 2004

Rendezvous [at the twenty-fifth milestone]

He did not keep the rendezvous;
I must have waited an age.
He did not come, or did not wait
for dawn to turn the page.

An age of dark grey overcoats
An age of shell-white walls
An age or more of coverless pillows
Ages of pigeon-crest calls.

I waited, waited, waited by the highway,
at the twenty-fifth milestone.
He did not keep the rendezvous;
So I had to go on alone.

For turning back was not for me;
they turn back who belong
to a home, a heart, a religion -
those who drag their souls along.

I couldn't go back; where would I go?
I know not whence I came.
But I wait at every twenty-fifth milestone,
alight with pride and shame.

He did not keep the rendezvous;
a century must have passed.
His promise is old; I am worn;
the miles catch up at last.

He did not keep the rendezvous;
he must have found a muse.
He never comes; I walk and walk
to a destiny I did not choose.

He did not keep the rendezvous;
what can I do but wait
with a cursed hope, he lies ahead;
perhaps, I am a little late?

(c) Annie Zaidi, December 2004
Jawaab to 'You, who are restless tonight'.



Blogger scribe said...

Annie, so much that is wonderful here. There's a sadness and yet a sense a lonely courage. Your images are riveting : "for dawn to turn the page"; "..those who drag their souls along". There's a haunting sort of melody. I kept reading it like "The Highwayman" - with a sing-song melody that I personally like so much. You're good. Cheers - Anita

15 December, 2004 11:59  
Blogger annie said...

Anita, thank you. :)
I don't know what to make of this myself yet, because its too new.... This is not a poetic style I've tried before... Besides, I haven't had a chance to distance myself from this. writing directly on the board is also a new experience

16 December, 2004 13:08  
Blogger oxy_moron said...

Ah! Brilliant!

16 December, 2004 13:09  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

glad to have you back, annie.

17 December, 2004 09:11  

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