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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

28 January, 2005

Meeting the Shadow

I meet his shadow
making magic with the light,
and I lean against the comfort
of it's vast spread
over the bedroom wall.
And just as I get
comfortable and secure,
It turns and sharpens
into a blade-thin cold grey line,
deserting the morning sun-ray
and disappearing into
an invisible pin-point.

I shiver.
What would I do with the real man?
This was only the shadow.



Blogger Dan Husain said...

i think i left a note on this on the main board... the dance of shadows... bewitching as ever :-)

31 January, 2005 15:50  
Blogger manisha lakhe said...

hmm scribe, you make magic with your pen...

01 February, 2005 19:15  

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