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12 January, 2005

Tiger Shark : Get Lovin

Tiger Shark : Get Lovin
Yo; Tiger Shark!
Get Lovin !
Say Lovin;
Gonna show you some love ;
Some Lovin;
Let me show; Let me show :you ; my lovin
Say who; Say what; Yeah !
Tiger Shark ; show'n you his lovin !
Come-on ; Get-down; get lovin.
Swimmin in love
Gangsta style;
rapping ; Trippin;
pumping n relaxing.
love to love ;
so very much, so very much
Take it : the moves; the style
Money over Honey
Tiger Shark ; show'n you lovin !
To you; From me ;
I seek, You hide.
Riddle your complications;
Stopp your circulations;
The actions; The words.
In yours; attractions ; passions
Sparks; blinding your mind
Realms of passion;
Without any reason
reality ; insanity.
Creating miseries out of memories.
Take it : The moves; The style
Money over Honey
Tiger Shark ; Get Lovin !
The moves ;
I seek, You hide.
Tiger Shark ; Swimmin in love!



Blogger Anil said...

I wish I could rap this...maybe I should talk to Eminem :) Quite a change this is! Wondering what set this off?

12 January, 2005 22:51  

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