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10 January, 2005

The Scar

(My first post on the blog after ages... Absence to be humbly excused)

Its a scar.
Is it alive? I dont think so.
Does it twinge? Yes, sometimes it does. Painfully so.
Do you like it? Sure!!! I think it's an extremely cool scar to show off.
How long is it? About 2 inches i suppose.
It looks really ugly and intense.. Yea, no stitches hai na.. thats why.

Sorry but the brain refuses to work this Saturday afternoon. It just doesn't.

What does that outburst have to do with your Scar? Nothing.

Then, stick to writing about your scar, please!!!
But...? No butts. Butts are to hold cigarettes by, and to admire from afar. No buts.

But, what about the truth? The truth?
The awful, concealed, hideous truth???

It's a scar... everybody has scars. A physical memorial of a bygone event is hardly something to crow about. IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO RUMINATE OVER. IT IS NOT, IT IS not.

I love this scar. I really love to show it off. But oh, how did it happen? Cause does not matter.
No cause matters in the face of progress.... Hmmm, now, where have I heard that before??? from Developers raping hillsides? Huh.

I mean, all it is, is a scar. That's it. What on earth could it be....? other than a scar, i mean. It's on a vein.. spurted blood for hours before it closed over itself.. hours actually.

I mean, it's just a scar. Let sleeping dogs lie, please.

(This was read at the Pune readmeet. I have a rather large scar on my right hand... This was a joint exercise between me and Atreyee on a sleepy, lukewarm January Saturday afternoon., evidently to cure me of Writer's Block)


Blogger livinghigh said...

... so do we now call u scarface.. um, scarhand?

11 January, 2005 14:45  
Blogger Akshay said...

And What away to cure writers block,fiercely entertaining.

12 January, 2005 11:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scars.. Tell a Story.

Good to see you back! What happened to the rhymes??

12 January, 2005 14:06  
Blogger Garima said...

Scars are like medals which says that we have tried for something new in life... Even though we didn't succeed, yet we tried...

18 January, 2014 13:57  

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