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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

06 January, 2005


They must meet someday
Your demons and mine
Quietly over coffee they must discover each other
Resting their elbows gently on the table
In almost the same manner in which we explored ourselves years ago
They must hover over each other and share
Their secret fetishes for darkness
Your demons and mine
What makes you choose retreat over passion or passion over faith
What makes me read emails that are not mine or slice with words till eyes well up
What makes me leave or makes you cheat
What lies beneath
Your demons and mine
Must get to know each other before we are convinced of our own self justified selves
They must meet over coffee
Naked, unearthed



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

This is truly MAGNIFICENT!

06 January, 2005 12:08  
Blogger AmeetaAgnihotri said...

Those were beautifully strung words, and such poignant thoughts. I loved the poem....

06 January, 2005 12:40  
Blogger Max Babi said...

If people can't see steam issuing
from my ears and nose -their minds
must be elsewhere...whew Arundhati,
great poetry indeed!

cheers !

06 January, 2005 15:30  
Blogger sunil said...

Excellent poem. Last four lines pose a very true condition for making a rendezvous real in all respects and meanings. It's so simple to read so difficult to realize.

06 January, 2005 15:43  
Blogger scribe said...

Quite Wonderful, Arundathi

How often they meet
Your demons and mine
Untamed, aggressive, demonic.
We must teach them
the art of conversation
over coffee
while the cards all lie on the table
for both to see.
We dont want them to die
your demons or mine
but uncloak them we must
lest they cover us with layers
too thick to throw off.

07 January, 2005 14:13  
Blogger Arundhati said...

And yet
It's in their nature
Cloak and dagger
Appear and disappear
Your demons and mine
While the cards lie on the table
A few hide up the sleeves
They perform
Your demons and mine
Bury and show
Smile and wink
Playing poker
Your demons and mine

07 January, 2005 15:14  
Blogger Samrat said...

Demons & monsters that li’l Rupert plays with & that youngest I know still doesn’t fear. For they come from us, for they are us, for what we make them to be. To scare us & to make us what we are. And we learn to cold shoulder them. Funny how we create them & we conquer them. We make them black & we give them a hand. We weep as they act & we wish them in play.

I want to be one child to like them. One child to be their friend. I want to live easy with them & watch them play. I want to be alone with them & be happy in their company. In silence.

I want you to sit with these friends of mine & yours if there are, without moving to change them or hide them or fix them. I want to sit with them even as they are accused of betrayal & not betray them.

Let it be over coffee. Or wine. Be it at yours. Or mine.

07 January, 2005 17:20  
Blogger Ashok said...

Wonderful way for two honest souls to reach a peace, simple yet difficult to achieve with egos in play.

17 January, 2005 17:37  
Blogger zigzackly said...

Wonderful this (and that includes Scribe's reply and your reply to her). Such a pleasure to stumble on it while i was catching up with a month's worth of blogs and mail.

27 January, 2005 01:53  

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