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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

03 January, 2005

Thoughts in transit..

[....suspended between countries, between time, between lives...]

2.oo a.m.
Late night early dawn
a sleepy airport in a dreamer's city
waking up to new desires
already germinating
in deep earth wombs.
Old lives die to a new beginning
sometimes the new die and the old continue to be the living dead.
I wait in transit
a still life in transit
and perhaps yours too.
I wait to get home
but wait
didn't I just get back
home ??

5.00 a.m.
The signs blink a wink
the scattered world in a pinpoint
at this one neon lit point
concavely concentrated.
Corners of the world folding in
like a neatly ironed handkerchief
in this rectangle with new angles
if only lives could be wrinkle free too.
These heaving living bodies
tangled limbs with
entangled emotions
impatient for destinations.
Tired wrinkled canvasses of faces
painted in ceaseless expressions
willing waiting wanting.

And I ??



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

This is BEAUTIFUL, Pincushion!! The handkerchief and canvas images were lovely!

05 January, 2005 11:25  

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