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coffee and pen

02 January, 2005

Lets Welcome

Here's another shy young poet, unsure of treading the path to publicity :

Belu, belu since you wrote,
Thought I'd write too.
Racking my brain,
Till it turned into an aeroplane,
I let it wander,
Imagining I would travel at the speed of thunder.
I'd be with you,
Singing in your loo
Till you found me
And gave me some tea.
Then we'd chat,
Till the night grew cold.
I'd disappear again,
Before night became day,
And reality emerged -- raw and bold.

(c) Ameeta Agnihotri January 2005.



Blogger Akshay said...

Well out and out I like it,
I can see Ameeta's timidness in this piece. But it comes out strongly, as I said before I liked, now its time for an Encore !

"And reality emerged -- raw and bold"

02 January, 2005 19:38  
Blogger Geetanjali said...

I love the way the poem juxtaposes and intermingles a childlike mischievousness with a sober maturity!

03 January, 2005 01:13  
Blogger Pincushion said...

''singing in your loo till you found me''...such simplicity of thought and yet holds so much feeling, haven't we all been there at some point...
liked it immensely :->

03 January, 2005 14:02  
Blogger livinghigh said...

mmmm.. luv the silly nonsensical tone that refuses to be dismissed as nonsense. very fast. very nice, too.

05 January, 2005 13:18  
Blogger sunil said...

Lovely poem. Begins with innocent imaginations takes flight to adolescent fancies and matures into an adult understanding-these are the ingredients that make a creative artist out of the person we are. The shy poet seems to be very potential.

06 January, 2005 11:55  

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