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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

03 January, 2005

Poem for the New Year

Beginnings come with ends embedded.
They lie, subcutaneous, under the skin
of layered comfort, deep within
its lulling folds, undreaded.

They lie unstirred, till the foetid breath
of gnawing, lethal doubt
germinates them to sprout
like grotesque weeds of death.

Fear waters them with a lover’s care.
Under its acid spray, their mottled heads
bloom in rows of bleeding reds:
a poppy field of despair.

Wiser now, I distrust the rosy hues of geneses,
finding surer truth in the surer menaces.



Blogger perspective said...

very moving...
felt like posting mine...
though it has little context to your poem...

A new year
A new beginning
Again at a start point
Once more a quest
To get up and go
And run at the gunfire
A new year
A new beginning
A strain somewhere
To make this day
More important than it is
A tension in my nerves
Created to force
My past
To flash back in my mind’s
A new year
And a new beginning
Making all fear
If it shall be good and happy

03 January, 2005 09:16  
Blogger Pincushion said...

'' beginnings come with ends embedded.'' Could there be a greater truth ?? But then..ends could be new beginnings too :->
As always stated with whiplash it.
Heres wishing you and everybody at Caferati a wonderful 2005..god bless.

03 January, 2005 13:49  

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