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coffee and pen

07 January, 2005

The Curse

You always tell me the truth
Hitting me between my eyes with the sharpness of your judgement
If I want to hide, you seek me out and sit to down to listen
All the seams I refuse to mend
All the plants I refuse to water
All the glasses I throw out of the window just to hear it crash on the pavement
You always tell me the truth
About my anger and angst
My denials and masks
My pity.
My lies.
You send me away everytime I try
To squeeze and slither back into frame



Blogger Nyssa said...

interesting expression :) felt like that very often!

07 January, 2005 21:50  
Blogger jivay said...

Hey Arundhati...
Though I am happier now, and not at all confused in love...

I have felt like this before and I love the way you have put these feelings in to words...


15 January, 2005 11:37  

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