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coffee and pen

06 January, 2005

The Voyeur

Fingers, keyboard, monitor screen and muse
Oh the games they play in their foursome
Transferring thoughts to words
Breaking words to letters
Joining letters to words
Linking words to form thoughts back again on the screen
Hide and seek and peek-a-boo at every stage
Devastatingly deceptive like a masquerade
Intoxicated in their individual ability to represent
Blatantly loyal only to their own pleasures

The poet stands aside a silent voyeur



Blogger Pragya said...

Ironically, I thought about this need to write as latent exhibitionism! This certainly is a varied perspective, sheds a different light. I wrote the following about it before:

Latent exhibitionism! That's what this pursuit[writing] is all about and I am guilty.

It is a form of narcissism. A desire to see one's words immortalized. The ever-present, heart-rending refrain that one is not understood. It is almost akin to sending out an S.O.S. from the deserted landscape of one's soul. People maintaining hidden selves in their daily lives when their innermost desire is to show themselves as they really are, without layers of pretension? What drives people to hide in plain sight and emerge undercover? I can't really answer that! But at this moment this is the most self-indulgent thing I am doing!

Anyway, a well-written, thought provoking piece of poetry!

07 January, 2005 03:21  

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