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07 February, 2005

Dark Skies

Found this lying around on an old website recently. Posted it because it's of a genre you can only write at a certain age. Ah, sixteen. What a lovesick puppy I was. Quite sad, really.

dark skies, melancholy and white lies
little wisps, clouds, clearings
that succumb to the fading light
hide away in their cocoons, fearing the night
fearing me, as I walk
brooding, silent, almost dead against the grass
rubber slippers, worn out jeans
a band-logo t-shirt
searing my skin, and yet I walk
undecided, alone
out of reach, underneath the stars
crickets crying softly
feet planted on solid ground
earphones shelling out the sounds
of some forgotten band

dark skies, melancholy and fireflies
little bits of glory beneath the stars
as I trudge home, each step
heavier than the last
bolder than the one before
each breath I take a commemoration
to the fact that I'm alive
a tribute to my mortality
an icon of my past

dark skies, melancholy, a monologue
soliloquies of sadness
brandished here, in the cold
walks in the park that never came to be
stars that we should have gazed at together
ways that we should have walked together
my footsteps resound against
the dark stone walls of this place
echoing my emptiness, my hostility

dark skies, melancholy and semi-suicidal sighs
out here, near the lake
writing your name in the sand
for the thousandth time, throwing pebbles
against the waves
seeing how deep they sink
deeper, darker than before.

dark skies, melancholy and blood-shot eyes
beer on my breath, the same
stupid music, playing in my head
walking the ways we walked
going over the things you said
catching stares all the time
muttering curses under breath
talking softly, to myself
to the part of me that still listens,
the part of me that has forgotten.



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