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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

11 February, 2005


They ask me why i'm grouchy,
Why i'm at the end of my tether;
Am i stressed out, maybe? Or ill?
Somewhat under the weather?

You know, that change of season thing;
A cough, a touch of 'flu?
Nah, it's just too many cigarettes
And a bad case of you.

February 2005

Um. This started out as a response to Khuto's desire to see more light verse on this blog, but didn't quit end up that way. Ah well, drop by here for something more, er, frothy.



Blogger SPECKLED_BAND said...

Fine build-up, perfect last line!

11 February, 2005 23:34  
Blogger :..M..: said...

Hehe. I'd say you concluded it well!

12 February, 2005 00:21  
Anonymous TDS said...

For a cold there's therapy
But what can you do for me?

:) Lovely poem

12 February, 2005 00:40  

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