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coffee and pen

08 February, 2005

A yucky tale

This poem is for Zubin, age 8. It's being
released here to balance the perception that we
take ourselves too seriously at Caferati.

This is a tale
       of a piece of snot
That in my nose
       once I had got
With great vigour
       did I expectorate
But alas I met
       such a grisly fate
That bit of phlegm
       got utterly stuck
On my pristine sink -
       a squishy muck!
It's still there now
       what a yucky YUCK!



Blogger manisha lakhe said...

lucky lad! to have this yucky poem written for him!

08 February, 2005 14:25  
Blogger annie said...

Eeewww! Eee-yewww! That was mean -
snot in the sink! Please do clean
it up... And next time,
expectorate a better rhyme.

Lol No seriously, you're right, Khuto. We need 'light' poetry too... Come up with more.

08 February, 2005 16:30  

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