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A collaboration over too much coffee.
coffee and pen

22 February, 2005

The Inseparables

Ashok Daga read out this poem at the fifth Pune caferati readmeet on 13th
Feb. 2005 at Harshavardhini's place : comments are invited :-


Am I at times an angel, at others an animal
Or most times a spirit imprisoned in flesh.
Is this my descent from spirituality to materiality?
Or has life always been this intricate mesh?

Listen north, south, east or west, "Transform"
Implores spirituality from your materialistic aspect,
While the tech savvy sees the speed of light as a crawl
Their machines would have you wrap the galaxy into a ball.

Constantly coerced to choosing one side
I prefer to like life as either black or white
For "he who is not with us is against us"
Leaving no choice but to ride either one bus.

Should man choose between his dual nature
Discard the one for the sake of the other?
Or is it possible to enjoy life with natures both
Internally my spirit and externally my materialistic coat?

Contrasting the religious and brainy dreamers
Are earthbound souls who unashamedly
Relish this life's limitations of time and mortality,
And space and distance, weight and solidity.

Some are artists, some poets, and writers are some
For whom spirituality and sensuality are inseparable
Like night and day, good and evil, summer and winter,
Angel and animal, life and death, a laugh and whimper.

© Ashok K Daga